Family 1916-1950 1950-1990 1990-Today
In 1916, Domingo Obradors Fito starts the history of Obradors, manufacturing textile fabrics for third parties, with looms made by himself.

That same year his son, Casimiro Obradors Pregonas, was born and took care of the company at the early age of 24 years old in 1940. During the following years he acted as CEO, building the nowadays Obradors, with the start up of the yarn mill and the constant application and modernization of fabrics.

In 1981, Domingo Obradors Soldevila, relieves his father as CEO, after participating actively in the evolution of the company together with his father, following the target of investing and the modernization in technology and logistics.

Nowadays, the great-grandsons of the founder, Casimiro and Domingo Obradors Suazo, are the managing directors of a company that started its business a century ago.